Cheung's Meridian Therapy

From the earliest days of medicine, stories have abounded of "secret" and "miraculous" cures for various diseases and ailments. Understandably, claims have been viewed with scepticism.

There is, however, a tradition of ancient healing secrets that have been handed down by Chinese Grandmasters for nearly two thousand years.

Grandmaster William Cheung is the honoured custodian of more than five hundred ancient Chinese medical scrolls containing secret formulae that have been translated into another language.

Grandmaster Cheung has spent the past twenty years refining these sacred healing secrets into a system that is internationally recognised. Cheung's Meridian Therapy has been scrutinised by the medical profession in the USA and Europe, and is widely accepted by hospitals and clinics around the world. Grandmaster Cheung currently teaches in more than a dozen countries and has a standing invitation to teach at Yale University in Connecticut, USA.

One example of the effectiveness of his Meridian Therapy technique was in early 1996 when Grandmaster Cheung treated Bradley Clyde, an Australian professional Rugby League player. Clyde had been sidelined for two months due to a debilitating shoulder injury, and although he had received specialist treatment from sports medicine practices, nothing had worked.

However, after only one treatment by Grandmaster Cheung, Clyde was able to play a league match only four days later. This is only one of hundreds of seemingly miraculous cures performed by Grandmaster Cheung. There are many more citations from all over the world.

For the first time ever, these healing techniques are now revealed in Cheung's Meridian Therapy. This course takes a surprisingly simple, but highly effective and holistic approach to the art of healing. It deals with health problems at the source.

Cheung's Meridian Therapy (CMT) course explains how pain control and relaxation are necessary to the healing process and how Chi meditation reduces stress and builds up the body's strength to resist disease.

This unique course provides proven programmes to deal with back pain, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle problems.

Effective treatments are prescribed for sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, rheumatism, arthritis, tennis elbow, fractures, dislocations, ligament and tendon injuries.

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